The IdeBookOfTheMonth_logoas Book explains how to generate excellent ideas, and how to run brilliant brainstorms. Combined with The Diagrams Book, it makes a powerful training course in how to have a Point of View and a persuasive Line of Argument. Satisfied customers include News UK, Publicis, Discovery Channel, The Guardian, EE, Royal Mail, Mindshare, Carat, and Havas. Voted WHS Smith Book of the Month and nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year.

Overseas translations are out in German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and Hungarian. There is a special Indian edition, and deals have been agreed in Russian,Thai, French, and Greek.

The 5th anniversary special edition is out April 4th 2019, including a whole new chapter on explaining and selling ideas. Download the Line of Argument Planner below.


Kevin explains the EYES OF EXPERTS technique.

Kevin explains the CATEGORY STEALING technique.

Kevin explains the THINK INSIDE THE BOX technique.

Kevin explains the FOUR CORNER WALKABOUT technique.

Kevin explains the OUTLIERS technique.

Kevin explains how not to let your ideas be PECKED TO DEATH BY DUCKS.

Kevin explains POST-IT VOTING.

Kevin explains how to TRAIN YOUR DEPTH MIND.